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May 18, 2016

Walleye season on Lake Ontario opened up with a bang! First 3 hours we limited out with big trophy walleyes. After a few weeks the bite has remained steady for harbors and bays along the Lake Ontario shoreline.
The last few trips we had some great action on brown trout as well. Speaking of brown trout we also have had decent action fishing then during the day off the Salmon River on the charter boats. Lake trout fishing out deeper has been great. Plenty of 30+ lake trout coming to the net each trip out. Even King salmon reports have been encouraging just a bit west of us. Things are looking great for the 2016 Lake Ontario charter season.
We are offering 2 day package deals this season wi the lodging included.
Give us a call and we can set you up!
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April 28, 2016

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River has been good lately. There's still plenty of drop back(post spawn) steelheads dropping back out of the Salmon River. We still have a few weeks left before the fish are gone. Dates for drift boat fishing and lodging in our cabins are available.
Brown trout fishing along the Lake Ontario shoreline has really good this season. There's been some pretty decent size trout bein taken by charters fishing the shallow waters of Lake Ontario. This should stay decent for the next few months.
Walleye season is coming up!
The bay's around Lake Ontario have been warming up quickly. The walleyes have been done spawning and will be hungry earlier this season then normal. May and June are prime walleye months on Lake Ontario and Oneida Lake. Last season was a banner year for walleyes. We had an excellent season over all, many limit catches were taken. The pressure was light and I expect another good take for walleye anglers.
We have great package deals for 2 days fishing and lodging for Lake Ontario trout/salmon charters as well as May/June walleye trips.
Thanks for checking us out!
Salmon River Guide


Pictures of the week

Night fishing for walleye in the Oswego Harbor NY


Night fishing for walleye and brown trouts


Lake charters fishing for brown trout and lake trout, eastern Lake Ontario NY.



Night fishing for walleyes near the Oswego Harbor NY


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February 11, 2016

Steelhead action on the Salmon River has improver drastically over the last week. Fresh steelheads have been moving through the lower river on a daily basis lately. After a dismal couple of months of fishing we're hopeful this is the push we've been waiting for. Although it's been a tough season we've been grinding out fish on every trip and occasionally having some pretty decent days. It's been more quality over quantity, with some very good size steelheads coming to the net lately.
Call for package deal rates-
We have lodging now and offer great 2 days fishing and 2 night lodging deals- for winter/spring steelhead fishing, spring walleye fishing and summer trout and salmon charters out on Lake Ontario.
Our deals can't be beat!
Salmon River Guide

December 2, 2015

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River has been tough this fall. There has been good days occasionally but more days we struggle to catch a few. The good news is we've caught a few on just about every trip. So there is some consistency at least. It's been 4-8 hook ups a trip most days. The water levels have been low- 335cfs for most the season. We have plenty of open dates through out December and the rest of winter. Our drift boats are heated!
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

September 16, 2015

Salmon fishing has be decent lately. There's been some small runs of kings up the Salmon River. Of course we are still catching them on Lake Ontario as well. The last trip we fished right in front of the Salmon River pretty close to shore in 8-15'. Jplug and spoons flat lined and run shall off the down riggers did the damage. There is plenty of time left for the lake and the river should be getting better and better everyday.
Thanks for checking us out!
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

August 24, 2015

Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario has picked up steam! More aggressive King salmon are showing their presence. It is still not on fire but it is improving steadily. Yesterday in 2 trips we had close to 20 bites total landing 13 fish mostly King salmon and a few brown trout. We're only going out a few miles to find them. Our afternoon run was just as good as our am trip so that answers the questions which is better am or pm? I would say right now they are equal.
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

August 21, 2015

Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario has been up and down lately. We have been doing ok for a few trips and tough on others. The last few trips kings have been around in decent numbers but they are being stubborn - picking at a few but struggling. So we have been catchong some nice trout to fill the void on the slow days. The numbers of king salmon are increasing daily, their attitudes just needs to change. We still have open afternoons and few weekday morning trips. We also have very nice cabins for lodging with all the amenities for a comfortable stay. Package deals are available with lodging and charters. Stay tuned folks it is gonna get hot very quickly!
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

July 21, 2015

Salmon fishing on Eastern Lake Ontario has been getting better. Good size kings are showing up in our case catches daily. We have been fishing 5-6 miles off the Salmon River in 100-140' of water. Attractors/fly combos and spoons have been doing the damage on our charters lately. We have been catching a few lakers, browns and steelheads mixed in with the kings. Lake trout fishing has still been good for charters targeting them off the bottom with cowbells- it's a great plan B for those days salmon are in a funk. Happy to say it has been a couple weeks since we have fished for them. The brown trout are hanging in tighter to shore in 50-70' and are taking smaller spoons off riggers 10-20' off the bottom. We still have dates available for middle August thru late September. We are still offering package deals with lodging and 2 days chartering Call for details- best time is in the evenings.
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

July 9, 2015

King salmon are finally starting to trickle into the eastern end of Lake Ontario. We are going out deep to 120+ feet of water, 5-6 miles out of the Salmon River. Lake trout are biting very well in the same areas. Targeting lake trout has kept the action up while waiting for the kings to show. There has been plenty of them to catch too and very large ones at that, 14-18 pound fish have been common. The water temperatures are finally starting to warm up and the fish are responding well. Brown trout are still hanging in tighter to shore 40-60' and a steady pick has been common. We still have plenty of dates over the next few months. We are offering package deals for lodging and trips to save you money- our rates are the most reasonable on this end of Lake Ontario. We have been chartering and guiding Lake Ontario and the Salmon River for 25 years so there is no lack of experience here. You will get your moneys worth with us!
We run our charters and drift boat guide trips full time. Always have always will. No weekend Captains here.
We are offering 2 day charter package deals with 3 nights lodging for very reasonable rates. Feel free to call for more info.
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

June 26, 2015

Lake trout fishing has been saving our season so far. They have been the bet for trollers along the eastern shore. Plenty of big lakers have been hitting the deck too! The weather needs to stabilize a bit and the king salmon will be showing up in better numbers gradually thru July. Brown trout are giving us some action further into Mexico Bay - not great but not bad either- same story.
If it stabilizes with some decent weather it will improve as the trout move deeper. Walleye fishing on Oneida Lake has been excellent from all the reports I have been hearing from other Captains fishing there. We have mostly been sticking to the charters on Lake Ontario.
We are offering 2 day charter package deals with 3 nights lodging for very reasonable rates. Feel free to call for more info.
Thanks for checking us out,
Salmon River Guide

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